David Stack

David H. Stack

Strategic. Creative. Focused.

Business consulting in lean startup methodologies, digital marketing, and process efficiency.

Ready to grow your business? solve problems? increase efficiency? push the boundaries?


As a big picture thinker with strong strategic insights, I can help you develop a winning strategy for your company's growth, build a strong online presence for your brand, and create systems to help your team operate more efficiently.

  • Fine tune business models and marketing strategies using lean startup best practices
  • Increase order processing and fulfillment efficiency
  • Build elegant, easy-to-use eCommerce and business websites
  • Drive web traffic using local SEO methods
  • Analyze and interpret web traffic to increase customer conversion rates and revenues
  • Proofread and edit marketing copy, sales literature, and other documents

Focus resources, eliminate barriers, and create long term success with an overarching plan.


Attract and engage your customers with a strong online presence for your brand.


Increase team productivity with efficient operational systems and processes.

Personal Background

Having spent time at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Princeton University, and Chapman University, I have developed strong technical and analytical abilities. Recently, I've been applying these skills toward building lean startups, having founded my own, and providing mentorship to many others.

Business Strategist

Focused on small business and startups, I improve business processes and focus marketing strategy by implementing efficient, scalable, and maintainable systems.

CEO & Co-founder


Planned and executed a comprehensive business strategy using lean startup methodologies while simultaneously developing and coding eCommerce website using Python and Google App Engine.

Research Faculty

Chapman University

Supported by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), enhanced the APSIM crop simulation model to study how changes in climate may alter US crop production at regional scales.

Visiting Researcher

Princeton University

Enhanced the integration of the APSIM crop model with regional climate model output and presented results at the National Science Foundation (NSF) PI Meeting on Multi-Model Regional Simulation of Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture and Ecosystems in Southwestern US.

Project Leader


Studied the relationship between sea surface temperatures and outbreaks of cholera in Bangladesh by creating a Google Earth map overlaying satellite imagery with in situ data, presenting the results to officials at NASA headquarters in Washington, D.C. and at the AGU Fall meeting in San Francisco, CA.

Research Assistant

Environmental Protection Agency

Studied the effects of nutrient loading in the Long Island Sound using GIS at a National Health & Environmental Effects Research Laboratory, RI.


Below are a just few samples of my web development and digital marketing work.

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